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The Power of “Yes”

A concept that I learned this week is truly understanding the Power of Yes. We all know what it feels like when someone says yes to a question we pose. It is a wonderful feeling regardless if it is to a small question like “Can I borrow your notes?” or bigger questions such as “Can I lead this team meeting?” or “Can I place your first order for you?”

All these situations leave us feeling great and empowered. The question is, how can we still leave a conversation when the answer is no and still feel empowered and positive. The answer is the “yes sandwich.”

The yes sandwich enables you to say how you are feeling about something but still be in a positive frame of mind. This leaves everyone being upbeat. For example, if an employee suggests having a holiday party in Las Vegas you could say, “I love your enthusiasm and effort to make our holiday party memorable and different than previous years—however, I think it might be too expensive. Let’s try and come up with an idea that is fun, different, but more within our budget.” Although the person who suggested Vegas could possibly be upset that his/her idea was not approved, they are walking away knowing they are appreciated.

The next time you feel like you are not agreeing with a client or an employee—try the yes sandwich. It works!

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