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Winter Blues

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 - By Brandt De Vries

I have recently discovered the importance of keeping morale up as we are coming to a close on winter. Winter blues or cabin fever, call it what you will, but it exists and it can be damaging to people’s mental health. I know it is to mine! It is tough waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark, but tougher when it is 0 degrees out and windy! After a couple months of this it starts to wear on you and it helps to find some way to keep your spirits up. The antidote to this unavoidable phenomenon has proven to be a tad more unattainable than previously thought. However, I’ve managed to come up with a few things to help lift spirits and keep morale at a stable level:

1. Radio: music is always a good pick me up.
2. Donuts: self explanitory I think!
3. Most importantly, be happy. No one enjoys being around grumpy people because it then spreads the bad mood along to them like a virus. Be happy and excited about being there and you will help improve the mood around you. It’s contagious and keeping co-workers in a good state of mind helps them be more productive and it has a reciprocating effect on yourself.

Moral of the story, keep morale up by putting on a happy face. Even if the winter blues have got you down, if you help improve people’s mood around you, it will help lift your spirits up in return and then everyone wins. I realize this isn’t a revolutionary thought, but it was something new that this winter has taught me. Now bring on some warm weather please and thank you.

This Post does not apply to anyone who lives in a state wear it is 70 degrees in the winter. i.e. Ryan down in Texas. :)

A Little Love Piece On Marketing

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 - By Abydee Butler

We are told perception is reality. As a business, our fate relies on what people think of us; opinions and willingness to act on those opinions dictate profits. That is marketing: creating ways to influence such positive opinions and developing methods to communicate that value.

The limitation, however, is that these ways and methods are costly and success rates are difficult to gauge. Sales is your hand-to-hand combat; you can easily count your casualties. Marketing, on the other hand, is the air raid; you just have to throw it out there, hoping it hits something. The goal of communicating an excellent brand image is that in the event that someone is in need of your product, then he/she thinks of you. How do you gauge this transaction if that need occurs five, even fifty years after being exposed to the original message? This is marketing’s bad-rap in small business: It’s nearly impossible to accurately measure.

For those of us not love-struck with full quantification, however, marketing is enlivening.  In a world so full of below average customer service and above average attention paid to opinions, what could be better that creatively developing ways to entice positive attitudes about your company? In marketing, you treat your company like you treat yourself—you dress it up, work it out, associate it with happy people, and form fantastic relationships along the way.

Yours Truly, Blast From The Past

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 - By Abydee Butler

In human years, being six years old is young. You’re new to the world; you’re a tiny first grade sponge. Your entire life is ahead of you. In computer years, however, being six means you’re going to breathe your last breath any second. You’re old, outdated, obsolete. How is it that computers have managed to skyrocket past even dog years and become the most rapidly aging things we know?

I was told today that I need a new computer. Why? Because our new website’s content management system would perform better on a newer machine.  Mine, being the age of an elementary school student, is now too old. I therefore am due for a new piece of technology to keep up with a new piece of technology. This seems like a cycle that may never end. When I heard this recommendation from our IT connoisseur, I was 10 percent bewildered, 30 percent ecstatic, and 60 percent horrified of requesting the funds for all new equipment.  Never can you purchase just one new machine; needing a new computer spreads like the plague and before you know it, you’ve replaced everyone’s machines anyways. New technology is exciting but keeping up with it is expensive, and in this seemingly never-ending cycle, where do you draw the line?

I’m in my twenties; you’d think this would all be old news to me. But here I was accessing the world on an archaic gadget unknowingly. Yesterday, I would have told you my computer was just fine. But today, things are different. Today it was marked ‘old-fashioned.’ When, I wonder, will technology follow fashion and loop things back in style decades later? Typewriters, and my computer alike, would be the new retro-chic.

Passion That is Out of This World!

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 - By Ryan Morton

Today at our weekly Conroe Noon Lions Club luncheon, guest speaker and NASA Astronaut Clayton Anderson gave a wonderful presentation. All he really did is give a recollection of the trips he has made to space. He gave a detailed description of his experiences that involved various view points. The main characteristic from his presentation that caught my attention was the passion and drive that was projected through his speech. I know an occupation as remarkable as that of an astronaut may make it easy, but passion and drive for your vocation should be easily viewable from observers. My main point in mentioning his speech is the need for this passion and drive for your career. This passion allows for success in your endeavors. It only reminds me the need for me to show the passion I have in my everyday actions.  I don’t doubt the love I have for my job, but sometimes one has to reinforce their daily actions to be successful. My goal this week is to allow my passion for customers and service to be easily seen by my customers and coworkers. It is funny how one person’s passion for their work can shine so brightly and I hope I can convey that to those in my industry.

Happy Retirement, Old Website!

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 - By Abydee Butler

Anyone who has ever built a house or has done major remodeling knows to take the original estimated time of the project and multiply it by two, sometimes three. Well, I am here to say that the same rule of thumb applies to websites.

Yesterday, we launched the new Butler Gas Products website. Originally scheduled to be completed by the “end of summer 2010,” this website has slaughtered every deadline it has encountered. With those victorious notches, however, the new website developed into something much deeper and more advanced than we originally projected; it is now positioned as our virtual salesperson.

With the ability to manage our own content, we are now in the process of polishing the editing and working out any quirks. If you would like to check it out, or of course just help me proofread, please visit us at Our newest addition to the lineup looks forward to meeting you!