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Brandt DeVries 101. Intro To Me.

Friday, November 19th, 2010 - By Brandt De Vries

Hello everyone! My name is Brandt DeVries, and I am 22 years old, soon to be 23. Born and raised in the best city in the world, Chicago. Proud of the city, not so much our politicians though! I am also a proud Cornhusker. I graduated the University of Nebraska earlier this year with my degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics. I am a big football fan having played in highschool myself and attending one of the best football schools in the NCAA.

Moving on to the welding industry, it has been a part of my life as far as I can remember. Our company has been a second home to me and spent a hefty amount of my childhood sitting in my father’s office listening to him work. I have been working full time at WISCO full time for about 7 months now since I returned home from school, but every summer since I was 14 I worked full time in the warehouse moving hard goods, rolling cylinders, and loading our trucks for the daily routes. I currently am in Inside Sales and occasionally make sales calls with our outside salesmen. I really enjoy it because I get to speak with our customers in many different levels. On the phone, in person when they come into our store front, and with them at their shops on sales calls. Seeing the different array of products that we help our customers make is incredible and I love learning all about it.

I have also been given the opportunity to attend different training schools around the country since I’ve began work full time, and I am allready schedualed for a few more in the near future. I’m racking up those airline miles that’s for sure.

So hopefully that gives ya a quick summary of myself and I’m excited for this blog and to be apart of it.

An Introduction – Colleen Mahoney

Monday, November 15th, 2010 - By Colleen Mahoney

Hello everyone, as my first post on the GAWDA Young Executives Blog, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Colleen Mahoney and I’m the Marketing Communications Manager for Noble Gas Solutions (formerly AWESCO) in Albany, NY. I grew up in North Greenbush, NY—a suburb of Albany. After graduating high school, I headed to Fordham University in Bronx, NY, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Art History.

 After graduation, I accepted a position as Specialty Gas Sales Manager with GAWDA member Prest-O-Sales in Astoria, Queens. My territory included Manhattan and Northern New Jersey. I also worked as a National Account Manager for, an online digital printing company. Finally, after four years in the sales business, I decided to come back to Albany and join Noble Gas Solutions, my father’s welding supply and gas distribution company.

I started out working in the company’s specialty gas sales department, and I was promoted to Marketing Communications Manager in August of 2010. Currently, I’m working alongside the company’s team of marketing professionals on a variety of initiatives including the recent rebranding of the company. The most significant aspect of this project was the changing of the company’s name from AWESCO to Noble Gas Solutions.

 When I’m not in the office, I’m an avid runner. Last November I completed my first marathon—the New York City Marathon. I also volunteer for the local branch of the Ronald McDonald house. I am excited to be writing this blog and look forward to writing for you!

A little About Me…

Monday, November 15th, 2010 - By Ryan Morton

Howdy! I am Ryan Morton, 23 years old and a proud Texan. I am also a member of the Fighting Texas Aggie class of 2010, and have only been in the industrial gas and welding supply industry, full-time, for about 6 months. I worked for the family part-time through college and really learned a lot about how to roll cylinders. (And how NOT to roll cylinders) All joking aside, by working part time, I was able to gain an understanding of the products and services our company provides as well as how to interact with customers. I grew up not completely understanding what it was my grandfather and father actually did until I started getting involved. I am now working in outside sales for our main store but I also contribute in the store daily.  When I started in June, the family company went from being 2nd generation to 3rd and I am very proud to carry on that family legacy to the next generation.  

Besides working, attending church, and just spending time with the family, I enjoy being in the open air. Whether it is hunting, fishing, or just hanging out at the lake, I try to take full advantage of my free time in the great outdoors. I am also an avid football fan! (The Houston Texans and The Texas A&M Aggies) Needless to say, my fall schedule is definitely booked pretty solid.   

Thus far in the industry, I have been very blessed with the opportunity to attend various schools from which I have gained a great deal of knowledge. With me only being in the industry a mere 6 months, I understand that the amount of information I need to learn is vast. But one of the many lessons that I learned from my grandfather is that you can never stop learning. I truly took this to heart, and although I am by no means an “expert” in the industry, I am determined to gain an understanding and awareness of the industry by hands on experience in the field.

Hi, I’m Abydee…

Friday, November 12th, 2010 - By Abydee Butler

I’m twenty-three years old and I’ve spent the majority of my life talking about the industrial and specialty gas business around the dinner table.  I guess that’s pretty much my industry experience in a nutshell.  I was the little kid who would sneak behind the counter at the party store to see from whom the business was getting its helium.  Then again, it took about eight years of my life before I would acknowledge that my dad did anything other than “sell balloons.”

But now that I am well-aware that the packaged gas industry is a lot more about providing business solutions to customers (thank you, Heather) and not so much about selling helium for party balloons, I’m having a lot more fun learning in this challenging and dynamic industry.

I’ve been working full-time for our organization for about a year and a half now.  I am out in sales occasionally throughout the week, but mainly, I concentrate on all our marketing- both external and internal.  External marketing is the field of which most everybody thinks when they think of marketing; it’s your advertising, branding, and public relations.  Internal marketing takes the marketing concept (creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization) and applies it to the internal customers, your employees.  Generally put, my responsibility consists of positively positioning our organization to strive for joint profitability- the triple-win among our suppliers, us, and our customers.  In sales you can either sell yourself, the company, or the product; the first two come pretty easily.  It tends to be the technical product information that doesn’t seem to fit coming from the girl in the hot pink hard hat.  Thankfully, I work for a team of exceptionally knowledgeable and empowered individuals.  So for now, and probably through forever, I am this industry’s student.