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Building The Perfect Service Tech

Qualities of a Great Service TechAs I wrote in a previous blog entry, a service tech must be many things. Among them: mechanically and technically inclined, able to troubleshoot, customer-oriented. But few service techs bring the whole package right from the start (otherwise we would have no need for training!). Knowing that many of these qualities can be developed, which characteristics do GAWDA members think are the most important for a service tech to have?

Welding & Gases Today put the question to distributor executives in charge of hiring service techs. Their responses included mechanical skill, ability to read schematics, outgoing personality, understanding of how to talk with customers, and willingness to learn.

What do the technicians themselves say? Brian Hamilton, industrial service technician at Norco told Welding & Gases Today, “If I were hiring a service technician, I would want mechanical and electrical aptitude, along with patience and a willingness to learn. You don’t just wake up and know this stuff.”

Another technician, A-OX Welding Supply’s John Leonard, says he’d look for a technician with technical skills, along with a positive attitude. “Being around customers, I’ve learned how to relate to them, how to read them, and how to be diplomatic on what I say and how I act. Important skills to have.”

Other industry members have been talking on LinkedIn about the qualities a service tech must have. Technical ability and customer service skills were once again chief among the requirements, but less talked about qualities like pride in workmanship, troubleshooting ability and a logical mindset gave some interesting food for thought.

Based on these discussions, I’ve boiled the qualities of a great service tech down to five. Now I want you to help decide what quality is the single most important quality for a service tech to have by casting your vote in the poll below.

If you believe the most important quality is something other than what’s listed below, use the comments section to share your thoughts.

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