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How To Spot Remarkable Employees

What are the qualities of a great employee? In the past, we’ve discussed some of the merits of a great salesperson (In GAWDA’s Sales Hall of Fame, for example, and a recent LinkedIn conversation about whether a salesperson needs to know how to weld to sell welding equipment). But beyond those traits that define a great salesperson, manager, customer service rep or any other specific position, are there universal qualities that top employees share?

Inc.com columnist Jeff Haden thinks so. In his article, “8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees,” Haden outlines the qualities that make employees stand out above the rest.

They ignore job descriptions, he says. “When a key customer’s project is in jeopardy, remarkable employees know without being told there’s a problem and jump in without being asked—even if it’s not their job.”

They’re always fiddling, he suggests. “Remarkable employees find ways to make processes even better, not only because they are expected to… but because they just can’t help it.”

Just as important as skills, talent, education and intelligence is drive. “Remarkable employees are driven by something deeper and more personal than just the desire to do a good job,” he says, noting that remarkable employees like to prove doubters wrong.

A critical point Haden makes is that many of these “remarkable” qualities cannot be measured through performance reviews, but nonetheless make a major impact on performance. Perhaps the lesson there is that performance reviews are a tool, but don’t tell the whole story.

In addition to Haden’s qualities, I would argue that remarkable employees are always looking out for customers. Especially with the important role that service plays at gases and welding distributorships, having remarkable employees can be a true game changer, and can be the difference between gaining or losing a customer.

What qualities define your remarkable employees? Share your examples of remarkable employees by leaving a comment.

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