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SMC Retrospective, Day 1

GAWDA members at the Florida AquariumJust wrapped up a great first day at GAWDA’s Spring Management Conference. The setting for the conference is beautiful here in Tampa, and it made for a great backdrop to meet up with all of the GAWDA members in attendance. I started out with the First Timers’ Reception, and got to meet some great young distributors and suppliers, along with the veterans who were there to welcome us newcomers. We met up outside the Florida Aquarium. Among other things, I learned what stud welding is (it seems so obvious now that I know—it is basically the welding of studs).

Next we moved indoors at the aquarium to mingle among the fish. It was great to meet everyone, and it was great to hear that so many of you are reading my blog and following me on Twitter. Keep the feedback coming!

SMC Day 1I hope to meet many more GAWDA members tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to connecting with some of our Young Executive bloggers. Also looking forward to the great speakers on tap for tomorrow—I’ve been reading Michael Marks’ book, Working At Cross Purposes, and it’s been extremely educational when it comes to understanding the roles of distributors and suppliers (I’ll write about the book in more detail in a future blog post). Anyway, If you’re here in Tampa, please say “Hi.” If you’re reading the blog, let me know what you think.

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