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How A High Pressure Cylinder Is Made

Gases and welding play an important part in many manufacturing processes and, as such, have made plenty of cameos on shows like the Discovery Channel’s “How It’s Made.” Watch “How Soft Drinks Are Made,” for example and you’ll see a device called “the carbonator” around the 1:40 mark. No doubt the “blast cell” that chills frozen pizzas (see the 4:05 mark) wouldn’t reach -24.8 degrees F (-31.6 degrees C) without the help of cryogenics.

These videos show gases in a supporting role, but the industry has also been at the center of “How It’s Made.” In one episode, the show goes inside GAWDA member Worthington Cylinders to see how a high pressure gas cylinder is made. It’s amazing to watch the transformation from a metal disc into a completed cylinder.

Cylinders are amazing vessels, with incredible service life and the ability to contain potentially dangerous high pressure gases. You may have worked with gas cylinders most of your life, but have you ever seen one made? Check out the video below to see it happen.

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