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Art Cars Redefine Welding Art

I’ve written about the use of welding and gases in art before, but never like this. Thanks to Mike on LinkedIn, my impressions and ideas of welding art have been stretched to their limits. I’m talking about the art car community, which makes use of welding—in fabricating their fantastic creations—and uses propane gas to “shoot flames from their cars.”

Houston is home to a big art car community, which puts on an art car parade—this year’s will be in May—and is home to the Art Car Museum. As Mike explains, “The art car parade in Houston is incredible, it has to be seen to be believed. It is one of my favorite events and favorite CRAZY group of people.” Taking a cue from Mike, I won’t try to try to describe exactly what an art car is—it truly defies words, and is something you have to see to believe.

Thanks to Mike for sending these photos of some incredible handy-work in the art car community. I’d love to see it in person some day.

Any distributors supply customers in the art car community? If you have any photos, I’d be glad to post them.

Click images to enlarge:

Dragon Art Car
Dragon art car
Car shooting propane flames
Gargoyle art car Horse at the Art Car Museum
Gargoyle art car Horse at the Art Car Museum
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