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GAWDA Edge focuses on family businesses

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

A significant number of GAWDA-member companies are family-owned businesses. For the May 2009 issue of GAWDA Edge, we thought it would be interesting to talk with two generations from family-owned GAWDA member companies to get their insights on the rewards and challenges of working in a family business.

As part of this conversation, we also launched the “Family Business Challenge,” where we asked these family members various business-related questions to see if there were differences between how the generations problem-solve. Their answers will appear as a series, beginning in May, and for the next several issues. It’s interesting stuff you won’t want to miss.

Along this same theme we have two guests columns — one by Ira Bryck, director of the UMass Amhert Family Business Center, on how to maintain a “happy family” business; and another by Tom Hubler, a family business consultant, on important things each generation needs to consider as part of a succession plan for the family business.

And be sure to check out GAWDA President N. Britt Lovin’s article in “GAWDA Talks,” excerpted from his Chicago and Asheville SMC presentations, on the state of the association. It’s chock full of important information GAWDA members should know.

Welcome to the GAWDA Edge Editor’s Blog!

Friday, May 15th, 2009

As the new editor of GAWDA Edge, I created this blog to provide readers with information about upcoming GAWDA Edge stories, additional news of interest to young executives like you in the gases and welding industry, and as a forum to share your thoughts on GAWDA Edge and GAWDA Edge Editor’s Blog content.

Have you had a similar experience to someone profiled in a recent issue? Do you have additional information to share on a GAWDA Edge topic? Is there a story idea or theme you believe GAWDA Edge should explore? Do you have an amusing industry story to tell? Please share it here! Your fellow young professionals and I would love to hear what’s on your mind.

Be sure to check back regularly with the GAWDA Edge Editor’s Blog. To comment, simply click on the word “comments” at the end of an entry. This will open a “Post a Comment” box where you can enter your message. Or, if you prefer, e-mail me directly at editor@gawdaedge.org.