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Can You Learn Welding From A Book?

Crosswords For Seniors For DummiesThe publishers of the well-known how-to series have just published Welding For Dummies. The books have been around since 1991 and cover seemingly everything, so why did it take them so long to publish Welding For Dummies? (It appears they did print TIG Welding For Dummies in 2008, but that only covers part of it.)

It got me thinking, if they’re not writing about something as ubiquitous as welding, what are they writing about? A quick scan produces such titles as Acne for Dummies (no thanks), Adoption for Dummies (maybe you should reconsider being a parent), Building Chicken Coops for Dummies (I prefer pre-fab) and Congress For Dummies (no comment). If you’re “over 55”, don’t bother with Crossword Puzzle Challenges For DummiesCrosswords For Seniors For Dummies is “tailored to your interests.” We’re still only on the letter C, but I think you get the point.

Maybe the reason they weren’t writing about welding is because it’s so hands-on by nature. I can imagine there are aspects that are hard to pick up from paper. That’s why we have things like Virtual Welding! Now that’s the way to learn.

While we’re talking about strange how-to books, toptenz.net has quite a humorous collection here, including such classics as How To Steal A Dog, How To Become Schizophrenic, and How To Survive A Robot Uprising.

Here’s a question for you: If you could have a how-to book about any topic related to the gases and welding industry, what would it be?

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